Buypass ID and payment

Fast, safe and easy!

Buypass on your mobile

With a few keystrokes you can opt for sports events at Min idrett and play online games at Norsk Tipping entirely on your mobile.

Hundreds of sports clubs offers easier entry and payment for their members through Min Idrett hosted by Norges Idrettsforbund. The service is available on and through Min Idrett mobile app which you can download by sending IDRETT to 1960 .

At Norsk Tipping you can use the mobile phone to play directly on your mobile. Send SPILL to 1960 to download Norsk Tipping mobile app.

Both merchants use our mobileapp “Buypass ID and payment” to identify the user and perform the payment in your mobile.

With “Buypass ID and payment” you are able to manage your customer relationship with Buypass via mobile phone:

  • Edit account and credit card details
  • Change PIN
  • Keep track of transactions on your Buypass account
  • Transfer money between bank account and Buypass account

To download Buypass ID and payment , send ID to 1960 .

We currently have more than 400,000 people using Buypass ID on their mobile.

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